Do children learn better in boys-only and girls-only schools?

Today we can see that several types of academic institute such as public school, private school, government school, international school etc. This one of the common criteria that every parents looks at first time. Next they separates school based on the mixed school and girls only and boys only school. Most of the times parents have the doubt that on which kind of school their child to be send. They may confuse at this moment due to lack of proper knowledge about mixed school and boys and girls only school. But it is clear that both have some positive and negative sides. Viewing from one side we feel that, it is beneficial for their child, but when we view from other side, we feel the same. So we can’t say that one is better than another but both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Teaching boys and girls in separate school is one of the old educational approaches. But still some schools following single sex based education that is girls only or boy’s only school. Some of the common advantages of boys only and girl’s only schools are below:

Teacher can design a particular teaching style: teacher can choose a particular teaching style if all the students are of same gender. Research proves that it is easy for teacher to teach and manage students if all they have same gender such all they are boys or girls. Also it is easy for them to teach gender specific subjects without any difficulty or hesitation. When it consider specific gender, we can understand that the preference of the subjects also different in both categories. When we consider the physical activities, we can see that boys are more active compare to girls. At the same time, girls like to interact with their friends are colleagues. Due to this reason it is best to have single gender or boys only or girls only school for students as well as educators.

Reduce distraction in classes: in every classroom there is a student, who is odd from others. He may distract others and change their concentration. So, separating girls from boys help them to concentrate more in studies and attain success easily. This is one of the benefits of be boys only and girls only based school. Compare to mixed school, the rate of different relationship among girls and boys are lesser in boys only or girl’s only school.

They diminish the stress and strain on students: Single gender orientation classroom or boys only or girls only settings bring up that when students are in a mixed school, there may be some stress on the both girls and with regards to specific subjects like science and mathematics since young men are more agreeable in these subjects while young ladies exceed expectations more in verse and music. But in case of mixed classrooms, there will be less stress for the students of both girls and boys and students will be surer about their academics. Studies prove that women graduates of boys only or girl’s only education exceed expectations more scholastically than the individuals who originate from mixed school atmosphere.

But at the same time mixed school have lots of advantages. We should consider it also in our discussion. Some of the common advantages of mixed schools are below:

Teach how to deal with opposite gender: mixed school atmosphere provide a good atmosphere for students that how to deal with opposite gender. It is one of the important skills that every student should have for their successful future also. That is each boys should know how to deal with each girl and each girl should know how to deal with each boys. Our world is mixed with both boys and girls. There is no separation among boys and girls. So it is important skill for people that how to behave towards opposite gender. This quality builds in students only with studying mixed school. Otherwise students may show any partiality or they feel difficult to behave with others. It is important to learn how to behave with opposite gender in early ages. Mixed school platform provide a good atmosphere for improving this quality.

Mixed school provides different experiences for students: mixed school is one of the best platforms for students to experience different things in their life. Those all natural experiences are beneficial for students throughout life. Natural life experiences are necessary for students to complete their life without any struggle. In mixed school, there are lots of such situations occurs between boys and girls.

There is no gender gap in mixed school: it is one of the most noticeable things that, there is no gender gap among the students who studied in mixed school. But we can see these kinds of gender gap among students who studying in boys only or girl’s only school. They fell shy to mingle with opposite gender. This is not happens when students studies in mixed school. Students in mixed school know how to behave with others gender students properly. This is one of the most important benefits that a student gets from mixed school.