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Essay Academic Help / Help with writing a definition essay?
« Last post by Stephy on March 27, 2018, 01:19:35 AM »
Hi friends, I need your help with writing my essay. I got stuck, don’t know what to do.  I have to write a definition essay on “success” and I need to have 5 headings to support my definition, which is “The true meaning of success is surrounding yourself with positive influences, learning from your mistakes and being happy.” So I have no idea what my headings can be on? For example I have to fill in the blank, which will be my headings “Success as….” What should I put?? Can u help me here please? Any help from you is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Introduction writing is not a difficult task, but you should write it in a good way to grab the attention of the readers. The introduction should be designed to attract the reader's attention and give her an idea of the essay's focus. Begin with an attention grabber. The attention grabber you use is up to you.  It doesn’t have to be a question, but sometimes leading with a question gets the reader thinking and interested. After the leading sentence, follow with some brief information. State your thesis and three main points, and then you have an opening paragraph.
Write My Essay Debates / Re: How hard and long are the essays you write in college?
« Last post by Paul on March 23, 2018, 06:30:46 PM »
Writing is a hectic task but if you love writing you can make it more interesting.  I have had 1 page article reviews to 20 page final papers. I have also written a 120 page project but that was over an entire semester for independent research. Most papers were around 5 pages. How many papers you will write varies depending on the classes you take. An English class would have more papers than a math class. Check to see if the college you are attending has some sort of writing center, or assistance for students to get used to college writing. That much sounds like a lot and scary until you actually do it. It's much easier than you think. Hope this helped!!
Write my essay is one of the best online writing firms available to help you. I used this service last year for my biology essay. Actually one of my friends recommended this site to me. I am very much nervous before placing my order with them; due to some emergency I placed my order with them. But they delivered me a highest quality essays on time within the given deadline. They followed all my requirements. Quality of the content is good and with zero plagiarism. By checking essay quality I can say that, their writer are highly experienced and knows the topics well.
Yes I agree with your topic idea of photosynthesis, you can write more on this. Photosynthesis try connecting it to cellular respiration it’s a very good topic in biology essays biology teachers appreciate it much because it is the main topic of biology "how living things interact to each other in order to survive" Their environment consists of physical factors—such as soil, air, and temperature—and also of other organisms. An organism is an individual living thing. Many living things interact with other organisms in their environment. In fact, they may need other organisms in order to survive. You can get lots of reference also. Hope to help good luck!
I am George from San Jose, United Stated. I need to write a 2000-4000 word essay on any topic that has to do with biology. I also have a biology test tomorrow morning. The essay will be due on coming Saturday morning. I thought while I was studying for my test I could ask you guys for some possible topics. Thanks!! I was thinking of something related to photosynthesis. What is your suggestion about this? OR else should I go for some other topics? Any suggestions from you guys are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Assignment Work Exercise Questions / How to write a descriptive essay?
« Last post by Mary on March 20, 2018, 12:46:30 AM »
It's simple.  Pick a topic for your essay - This can be as you say a person, place or thing/object. Make this something that has a lot to describe about it. Makes the essay longer!
Ok - So I'm not sure if you have been told, but writing a story is normally best. So that is all you have to do! Writing introductions and endings for that kind of stuff is easy!
For example (you may use it if you like) write about your family! Describe them!
Introduction: about yourself, describe yourself
Middle: Describe your family (be very descriptive, use a thesaurus if necessary! some can be found online)
Conclusion: What your opinions are of your family and a general some up of what they mean to you!

Yes off course you can choose writing as career. But be sure that, you can write on any topics you get. Today there are many services like write my essay nowadays looking for talented writers to write their academic paper. If you are a part of this then you should know good grammar, creative and research skills to write a paper. Simply copying and pasting is doesn’t work here. Based on your performance you will get more writing orders otherwise you will be rejected and it will be a black mark for your career.
I do agree with your opinion paul. There are too many writing services are available online to help students from their academic writings. But we can’t trust all the services. If you want to score good grade in your academics then you must write it yourself. Otherwise choose the genuine service after the finest search and place your essay order. Only the trusted service will deliver you the highest quality essay within the given deadline. Check the customer reviews and essay samples before ordering, if you are 100% satisfied then only place your order with them.
Essay Academic Help / How is an expository essay written?
« Last post by Della on March 16, 2018, 01:13:50 AM »
An expository essay has the same structure as a regular essay, with an introduction, body and conclusion or summary. An expository essay should present the subject in detail. The writer cannot assume the listener or reader has prior understanding or knowledge of the topic in discussion.

Choose a topic: should be narrow enough to cover within a few pages.

Find suitable sources: must be reliable and fully cover the topic.

Write a clear and concise thesis statement: thesis sentence appears in the first paragraph and expresses a controlling idea that is neither too specific nor too broad.

Organize the essay: usually has five paragraphs, an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. The transition between each paragraph should be logical and clear.
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