How can good writing skill influence student’s future career?

Writing skills are essential for the successful future career of a student. In today’s competitive world, writing skills in business are  one of the most sought  after quality of an educated person. But not all people take it for granted. Good writing skills always allow a person to communicate well with audience than in face to face or telephonic conversation.

In future, you might be called upon to write a report, plan or strategy at work. Of course a well written CV or resume with no spelling or grammatical mistakes is essential if you want a new job. Writing is indeed an essential scholarly skill. Sometime we think that it is not important. But it is not true. Writing skills is important in every field that people think that they have little to do with “English/Writing/Creating” on paper.

We start writing from early age and when we grow up the importance is increasing. Writing does not mean memorizing good words that don’t a mean a thing and are just there to show that you can write. It is not like that. It is what we do, each and every day. A good writing means putting your thoughts across, in a very clear, concise and efficient manner. You will not interact with everyone through method of speech, which is why essays, dissertations are very important factor in your admissions. The officers want to  know you, through your writing. If you want to get someone to respond to your email, want to write a letter to your boss, want to do a press release anything, we need to write. In corporate life, presentations involve writing as well.

Good writing skills are inevitable when the job at the hand involves a lot of writing. In the case of journalists, reporters, and people who work in the editorial departments etc. When someone got a job to write, having excellent writing skill is required for that job. Nowadays, more professions require good writing skills than ever before. The people who have excellent writing skills are generally as being a hot commodity. They can get a good impression of officials easily.

All these indicates that how important good writing skills in future career. Every student want a bright career in future. And having a good writing skill is one of the factors that can make an impact on that bright future. It is not an easy thing to learn. It needs a lot of practice and that should be done early. Good writing skills won’t come in a day. So students should learn that. And parent also start to teach their children good writing skills early. Then only children learn the skills and they can improve it when they get older. So good writing skills is very important in today’s world.



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