5 Reasons for student’s troubles in writing essay and solutions to overcome it

Sometimes writing essay is one of the most difficult task in an academic life. Nothing more frustrating than staring at a blank piece of paper and thinking about what to write. Whether it is essay, research paper  or dissertation ,writing essay sometimes seems the most the challenging tasks. It takes  a lot f effort to complete an essay. Selecting a suitable topic, correctly citing resources, writing thesis statement and elaborating on ideas are few common problems most students face.

The 5 reasons for student’s trouble in writing essay are;

1) Difficulty in choosing an appropriate topic

Choosing a suitable topic is the first difficult task in writing essay. Students often get confused about what to choose. All students want to make their essay better one. Choosing an important topic is the first step to that.

2 ) Difficulty in getting started

Difficulty starting an essay is often one of the problems all students may run into. It is very difficult write an introduction for an essay. Students often worried about  writing it. Because an introduction gives the idea of their essay topic. It should be impressive. So students spend more time on writing an introduction for their essay.

3) Lack of time

Lack of time is another problem students face when they write essay. Some students have really hectic academic year. They get many activities to complete in a short time. So they often get less time to write essay. Time management is the important factor students should consider before they start writing essay.

4) Lack of skills

Lack of skills is the one of the most common complaints students have when the encounter essay writing. Some  students lack skills because of poor education and for some it is the outcome of neglecting one’s studies for a considerable period of time.

5)  Complexity of the task

Most students do not have a proper idea about the structure of an essay. Even if they have enough information about the topic converting it into a good writing is not easy. Organizing  all information and writing in proper language without any grammatical  errors are important  in writing. So this cause troubles to students.

There is no problem without a solution. Of course all the above mentioned problems cause troubles to most students, there is also solution to overcome all these difficulties.

  • First pick a topic in which you have enough knowledge. Do a research on that topic and collect information  about it.
  • Find a catchy title. It should be simple and attractive
  • Prepare an outline or diagram for your ideas
  • Proper planning and time management is very important. Before starting an essay you should have a clear idea of time you require to complete the essay.
  • If you have any doubts or confusion in writing it you can Google it. There are many services and applications that helps students to overcome writing problems
  • Write the introduction, body and conclusion and use proper language
  • Do the finishing touches

Last but not least, Be confident and write it well. It will give you good results. In this ways students can overcome their problems in writing essay. Once you start to like writing it you will never get bored.








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