7 ways to catch readers attention on your essays

An essay  is one of the important task in academics. It is not only affect  student’s grades but also make an impact on their future career. Because  An essay is one of the important task in academics. It is not only affect  student’s grades but also make an impact on their future career. Because  essays are far likely to be discussed in a job interview than a normal course. For writing a essay students should have a good writing skills. Because only a good writing skills can gain the readers  attention. While writing a essay the author should be careful that he should make a good impression on reader. In school/college essay  writing is a compulsory task. In higher level education it can place a good role in deciding students grade. All these show the impact of essays in students career.

It is seen that, when students  submit an essay many   fail to make a good impression on teachers . To write is not simply to commit thoughts to paper; insightful thoughts, communicated badly, are unhelpful. A good writer structures his thoughts for both his own benefits and for the benefits of his readers. Essays should be content oriented. But when students have very less knowledge in the topic, they often try to add unnecessary things to it. This will indeed create bad impression on teacher. So they should always careful to  stick to the content. What are the important things to be considered to get a good impression of teachers? Here it is,

  • Topic selection

Students may have assigned a certain topic or they may be given permission to take any topic of their choice. If they have assigned a topic, they should  make research on that topic and find a suitable title. If they have given the choice to select any topic, students can select a topic of their interest. They can find a topic that is relevant to them.


  • Prepare an outline for your essay

In order to write good essays students should organize their thoughts and ideas. By organizing the ideas and thoughts and putting it into a paper will help them to see connections between the ideas more clearly. It is the foundation of the paper.

If you want to keep an outline, write the topic  at the top of the page. And then start to list your ideas one by one.

  • Writing thesis statement

After choosing the topic and organizing the ideas into relevant category, the next step is to create a thesis statement. The thesis statement tells the reader the point of the essay. The thesis statement will have two parts. The first part is the topic and the second part states the point of the essay.


  • Write the  introduction

The next step is to write an introduction. The introduction should attract the reader’s attention. You can make it more interesting by adding quotes, dialogs etc.

  • Write the body

The body of the essays explains the topic. Each main idea of the in the diagram will become separate section within the body of the essay. The body is the main part of the essay. It should contain all the important points of the essays.

  •    Write the conclusion

The conclusion is the closure to the essay and sums up overall ideas of the topic and student’s view on the topic.

  •  Final touches

After adding final touches to the essay, the essay is ready. And students should read it again and need to correct any mistakes.

In this way students can write quality essays and they can gain the good impression of teachers easily.

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